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Property loans

It’s not just about you and your financial situation, but also about the property you want to buy. Take all information and documents that you have about the property, for consultation. There are many reasons to sell your property – eg moving, divorce or death. The network can be searched by anyone without having to take a step outside the door. The search for financing partners and the application for term credit for real estate are secured by registering a mortgage.

What is the security risk when purchasing real estate? Credit, real estate)

What is the security risk when purchasing real estate? Credit, real estate)

Now our wish is to be realized and we want to buy a property. When taking out a home loan, there is a high level of risk. There is his net income at 4,800 USD per year. I do not have any money at the moment, but that is changing. Our rent is 1,750 USD per year.

So I calculate together between 360,000 and 380,000 ESA We currently have no capital. After: So I calculate together between 360,000 and 380,000. We currently have no capital. If it turns out that your current state is not suitable for buying real estate, it can show you ways to save capital.

For 20 years I have been working as an independent mortgage broker and have concentrated on mortgage lending without own funds (look at my portfolio). With 380,000 USD, the funding will amount to about 1,500 USD per calendar month and is quite conceivable. However, as of 21 March 2016, there have been some legislative changes that have led to most credit institutions ceasing to co-finance borrowers who are not taking their money into USD.

In principle, it has already been sufficiently stated that this is not possible without own funds. But with a good return, credit institutions are still willing to take on a small amount of own funds – as I have now established in the circle of acquaintances – but the incidental acquisition costs must definitely increase.

Regardless of this, you can only get really good financial offers from around 20 percentage points of equity – and interest rates have risen significantly. You can then basically say that many new construction projects are more expensive than planned and have many problems – so you should always consider buying an existing property.

In many areas, used apartments are also of interest from the point of view of the cost-benefit factor – even though this may not seem so exciting at first glance, I would easily calculate / calculate it and compare and balance it with the house costs. In the past year, we ourselves acquired a nearly 150 sqm residential complex in a prime location in the city, which did not cost us 800 USD per calendar month (with 1/3 equity) with 20 years fixed interest and will be paid out in this period.

A comparable large apartment would have been here even times around 100ts USD higher. Apple’s keynote address 2018: Do you buy iPhones, Xs Max or any of the other new models? The Xs Max of the iPhone would be something for me! The iPhones Xs did it with me. Here I am thinking of the new Apple XR iPhones.

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